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1877 __ « The Wondrous Telephone »
Thomas P. Westendorf (1848-1923)
Comment : Published in Saint-Louis, a popular song described the glories of the invention of the telephone in these terms : « 1. Of all the great inventions, That ever yest was known, There's one that lately has appeared, They call the Telephone, Thro' it a sound is carried, To the folks both far and near, And not a word is spoken, But all the world may hear.2- You stay at home and listen / To the lecture in the hall, / Or hear the strains of music / From a fashionable ball ! Hear your neighbor talk about you, With an easy wagging jaw, Or listen to the prattle Of a distant Mother’n law.3. There surely is no knowing, What things may happen soon, We may perhaps be talking, With the old man in the moon ! And ev'ry body's secrets then, To use with all be known, The whole world be united, Thro' this wondrous Telephone !.Chorus : Oh what a jolly time we'll have, We ne'er will be alone When people get to talking thro' This wondrous Telephone. ». (Erik Barnouw)Westendorf, Thomas P. (1877), "The Wondrous Telephone", Written & Composed by Thomas P. Westendorf, St. Louis : Balmer & Weber, Date:1877, Form of Composition:strophic with SATB chorus, Instrumentation:voice and piano.
Source : Barnouw, Erik (1966), “A Tower in Babel. A History of Broadcasting in the United States”, Vol. I, Oxford University Press, New York, p. 7.
Source : Fulton, Joe B. (1997), "Mark Twain's Ethical Realism: The Aesthetics of Race, Class, and Gender", Columbia: University of Missouri Press, p. 89.
Urls : http://levysheetmusic.mse.jhu.edu/levy-cgi/datastream.cgi?id=032.121;type=pdf (last visited )

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