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1877 __ Public lectures and music on the telephone, Music Hall, Providence, Rhode Island, Apr 6th
Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922)
Comment : “During the first part of his lectures, Bell gave his audience the commonplace parts of the show, organ playing, cornet music, brass band, etc. and then came the thrillers of the evening - my shouts and songs. [...] The telephone obscured its defects and gave it a mystic touch. After each of my songs I would listen at my telephone for further directions from the lecturer and always felt the thrill of the artist when I heard the applause that showed me how much the audience appreciated my efforts. It was usually encored the limit of my repertory.”. (Thomas A Watson)
Source : MacKenzie, Catherine (1928), "Alexander Graham Bell", Kessinger Publishing, 2003, p. 174.

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