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1877 __ New-York Boston telephone communication (soundproof telephone booth), April 3rd
Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922)
Comment : On the 3rd of April, 1877, the first telephone conversation took place between New York City and Boston. (John Brooks).Bell was in New York City while Watson was shouting from his "telephone booth," the floor of his bedroom surrounded with a tunnel of blankets so their land-lady would not have to listen to the noise. The call was again transmitted over a borrowed telegraph line and conversation was difficult and impractical. « Having vividly in my mind the strained relations still existing with our landlady and realizing the power of my voice when I really let it go, as I knew I should have to that night, I cast about for some device to deaden the noise. Time was short and appliances scarce, so the best I could do wasto take the blankets off our beds and arrange them in a loose tunnel on the floor, with the telephone tied up in one end and a barrel hoop in the other end to facilitate my access to the mouthpiece. [When Bell notified he was ready in NY, I connected the telephone] crawled into the blankets, and shouted and listened for an hour or two. ». (Thomas A Watson)“Professor A. Graham Bell made an experiment with his telephone, over the Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph Company’s wires, between Boston and New York last night; the Professor, who was in this city, communicating with his assistants in Boston. The experiment was a great success. Everything said by the Professor’s assistants was plainly hears by those in attendance here, the conversation being carried on at the ordinary rate of talking”. (Boston Globe, April 4)
Source : Brooks, John (1976), “Telephone, the First Hundred Years”, New York: Harper & Row, 1976.
Source : Watson,Thomas A. (1926), “Exploring Life: The Autobiography of Thomas A. Watson”, New York: Appleton, 1926.

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