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1877 __ Long Distance Telephone Concert, March 31st
Comment : This concert was held March 31, 1877, at Steinway Hall. [...] Steinway Hall was sold out, far in advance, for three “Telephone Concerts” announced by the impresario Maurice Strakosch. Excellent artists performed at these concerts, but the feature that attracted audiences was a piano solo played in Philadelphia by Frederick Boskovitz and made distinctly audible in Steinway Hall in New-York by telephonic transmission. Perhaps, at some remotely future date, people might be able to enjoy concerts and operas without leaving their homes - though who, after all, would want to ?. (Lloyd R. Morris)PROF. GRAY'S TELEPHONE CONCERT.; SUCCESSFUL TRANSMISSION OF A MUSICAL PERFORMANCE FROM PHILADELPHIA TO NEW-YORK THE INSTRUMENT AND HOW IT WORKS A GREAT CROWN IN STEINWAY HALL THE PHILADELPHIA END OF THE AFFAIR. (New York Times)
Original excerpt : « Excerpt of the announce : “Telephone Concerts. Transmission of Music by telegraph. Thriumph of American Science. Mr. Maurice Strakosch has the honor of announcing that the first public performance on Professor Elisha Gray”s marvellous TELEPHONE will take place on Monday evening, April 2nd. Musical melodies will be performed in Philadelphia and distinctly heard by the uadience in New York.”. »
Source : Morris, Lloyd R. (1951), “Incredible New York - High Life and Low Life from 1850 to 1950”, Chapter 2 / Beyond the Age of Innocence (1870-1890) - What News on the Rialto ?, p. 181.
Urls : http://query.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res=F20816F93B5E137B93C1A9178FD85F438784F9 (last visited )

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