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1877 __ Letter by Alexander Graham Bell to Elisha Gray, 2 March
Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922)
Original excerpt : « .Chicago, Mar. 5, 1877 - Prof Bell - My dear Sir, I have just received yours of the 2nd instant, and I freely forgive you for any feeling your telegram had aroused. I found the article I suppose you referred to in the personal column of the "Tribune", and am free to say it does you an injustice. I gave you full credit for the talking feature of the telephone, as you may have seen in the associated press dispatch taht was sent to all the papers in the country - in my lecture in McCormick Hall, Feb, 27th. There were four different papers represented at the lecture, but only one - the "Tribune" - alluded to my mention of you, except the "press" dispatch. I described your apparatus at length by diagram. Of course you have had no means of knowing what I had done in the matter of transmitting vocal sounds. When, however, you see the specification, you will see that the fundamental principles are contained therein. I do not, however, claim even the credit of inventing it, as I do not believe a mere description of an idea that has never benn "reduced to practice" - in the strict "sense" of that phrase - should be dignified with the name invention. Yours very truly, Elisha Gray. » (In A. Edward Evenson, pp. 108-110)
Source : MacKenzie, Catherine (1928), "Alexander Graham Bell", Kessinger Publishing, 2003, pp. 167-168.
Source : Evenson, A. Edward (2000), “The telephone patent conspiracy of 1876: the Elisha Gray-Alexander Bell controversy and its many players”, Jefferson NC : McFarland.& Co Inc.
Urls : http://documents.irevues.inist.fr/bitstream/handle/2042/30882/C%26T_1983_10_61.pdf?sequence=1 (last visited )

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