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1875 __ Mining camps connected by telephone
Comment : In 1874, a reporter traveling with a surveying party through a mountain valley in Colorado found the mutilated bodies of five men. A search began for Alfred Hammit, a drifter and the sole survivor of the ill-fated prospecting expedition, suspected of murdering the men and living off their bodies during the severe winter weather that had trapped them. The story is based in historic facts. « Beyond the meadows the valley narrowed to fifty yards and the road ran close along the stream. “This was the site of Independence”, David said, indicating with his arm that he was referring to the strip of flat land between the canyon and the stream. “The big strike here was on July Fourth, 1875. The richest mines in the valley were in here. Independence was one of the telephone concert camps. A telephone line connected mining camps all through this area. On Sunday nights during the winter, all the camps listened in on the party line while the miners took turns entertaining each other singing, playing the accordion or the violin or a melodeon they carried from camp to camp on a burro.” ». (Joe Wise)
Source : Wise, Joe (2002), “Cannibal Plateau”, Sunstone Press, p. 35.

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