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1874 __ Telephone concert - Grand concert with Gray’s electric telephone
Original excerpt : « Grand Concert, Vocal and Instrumental, Complementary to Miss Clara O. Willard, at the Presbyterian Church, Highland Park, Tuesday Even’g, Dec. 29, 1874.The Blaney Lodge Quartette, from Chicago. W.C. Coffin, first tenor, W.M. Goodridge, second tenor, D.A. Kimbark, first bass, C.C. Lefler, second bass. And other favorite vocalists will assist, and a unique and extraordinary feature will be the first public exhibition of Elisha Gray’s Electric Telephone, by means of which, a number of familiar melodies, transmitted from a distance, through telegraphic wire, will be received upon violins and other instruments, within the room. Concert will commence at 8 o’clock, precisely. Chicago Evening Journal Print, 159 and 161 Dearborn St.Around 1874, Elisha Gray, Alexander Graham Bell's rival, was occupied with a system of musical telephones, which he wished to apply to manifold telegraphic transmission. The history of this phantasmal music hall has yet to be written. All I can say is that to this day, the telephone still houses background music, as if to deaden the pain.See also : E. Gray: 'On the Transmission of Musical Tones Telegraphically'. In “Journal of the American Electrical Society” 1, no. 1 (1875), pp. 3-4; & In “Scientific American” Supplement, I (1876) ; and also : In "Journal of the American Electrical Society", Vol. I, No. 1, Chicago : Lakeside Publishing Co., 1876, p. 98.Mr Elisha Gray appears to have made a more definite advance in this direction. He has transmitted the pianoforte sounds of a concert through the wire of an electric telegraph. The performer played at Philadelphia, to an audience at New York. » (In "Chamber's journal of popular literature, science and arts", Volume 54, W. & R. Chambers, 1877)
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