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1874 __ Mind-watch communicator
Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931)
Comment : “It is said that Mr. Thomas Edison is engaged in a new invention, which, if a success, bids fair to make all his other wonders fade into comparative insignificance. The proposition alone is enough to take any ordinary man's breath away, let alone its practical demonstration. It is to render communication between opposite ends of the earth possible without telegraph, telephone, or any of the many appliances known to modern society, or even a wire. Here is the simple proposition :” « Your friend abroad carries a small machine of this new invention, in size and shape resembling a watch. You carry a similar one. When you wish to communicate with your friend, you take out the watch, the needle of which is in electric sympathy with his machine. The needles oscillates like that of a compass, and when you find the direction in which it points you turn in that direction and think hard. That is all. The claim is that concentrated thought will produce an electric current, and that the mechanism of the new invention is so delicate that it will respond to this current. ». (In Tuapeka Times, Rōrahi XXVII, Putanga 4278, 7 Mahuru 1895, Whārangi 2)
Source : Tuapeka Times, Rōrahi XXVII, Putanga 4278, 7 Mahuru 1895, Whārangi 2, / Tuapeka Times, Volume XXVII, Issue 4278, 7 September 1895, p. 2.
Source : Marvin, Carolyn (1990), “When old technologies were new - Thinking About Electric Communication in the Late Nineteenth Century”, Chapter 4, Dazzling the Multitude - Original Media Spectacles, Oxford University Press, 1990, p. 155.
Urls : http://www.conceptlab.com/notes/marvin-when_old_technologies_were_new.html (last visited )

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