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1866 __ Electric telegraph in hospitals
Comment : The medical profession was much taken with the Universal telegraph. Two eminent practitioners, Morell Mackenzie at the Throat Hospital and Charles Brooke at the Westminster Hospital had the Company provide them with private wires between hospital and house. In December 1866 two lesser surgeons, Louis Little and John Couper, had a three-mile long private wire and instruments to connect their rooms in Brook Street and Park Street in the West End with the 445-bed London Hospital on Whitechapel Road in the depths of the East End. The doctors and surgeons paid for these facilities themselves that they might be immediately summoned for emergency duties at their hospitals. (Steven Roberts, “Distant Writing - A History of the Telegraph Companies in Britain between 1838 and 1868”, 2010)
Urls : http://distantwriting.co.uk/privatetelegraphy.aspx (last visited )

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