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1855 __ Bright’s Bells
Sir Charles Tilston Bright (1832-1888)
Comment : Sir Charles Bright (1832-1888) began working for the Electric Telegraph Company in 1847 and patented the acoustic telegraph known as 'Bright's Bells' in 1855. (Compiled from various sources)Charles Bright’s Bell telegraph was the first successful acoustic message telegraph (if one ignores the crude railway bell signals), preceding the American acoustic box-sounder by several years. It was also by far the “fastest” non-automatic telegraph instrument, regularly receiving cypher at over thirty words a minute on the longest circuits, as the operator’s hands and eyes were free for message-taking. (Steven Roberts, “Distant Writing - A History of the Telegraph Companies in Britain between 1838 and 1868”, 2010)
Urls : http://distantwriting.co.uk/technicaldetail.aspx (last visited )

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