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1851 __ Telegraph lines from Louisville to New Orleans, and from St. Louis to Jefferson City
Samuel (Finley Breese) (1791-1872), Taliaferro Preston Shaffner (1818-1881)
Comment : Taliaferro Preston Shaffner , inventor, born in Smithfield, Fauquier County, Virginia, in 1818; died in Troy, New York, 11 December, 1881. He was chiefly self-educated, studied law, and was admitted to the bar, but gave much time to invention. He was an associate of Samuel F. B. Morse in the introduction of the telegraph, built the line from Louisville, Kentucky, to New Orleans, and that from St. Louis to Jefferson City in 1851, and held office in various telegraph companies. He was a projector of a North Atlantic cable via Labrador, Greenland, Iceland, and Scotland, and was the inventor of several methods of blasting with nitroglycerine and other high explosives, for which twelve patents were issued. In 1864 he was in the service of Denmark during the Dano-Prussian war. He was a member of various scientific societies of Europe. Mr. Shaffner published the "Telegraph Companion : devoted to the Science and Art of the Norse American Telegraph" (2 vols., New York, 1855) ; "The Telegraph Manual" (1859) ; "The Secession War in America" (London, 1862) ; "History of America" (2 vols., 1863) ; and "Odd-Fellowship" (New York, 1875). (Compiled from various sources)"By an act of the Missouri legislature approved March 3, 1851, Tal P. Shaffner of Kentucky, Isaac M. Vietch, and their associates, were granted letters of incorporation under the name and style of the "St. Louis and Missouri River Telegraph Company" for erecting and managing a telegraph line from St. Louis through Jefferson City, Boonville, Lexington, Independence, and Weston, to St. Joseph, Missouri. The stock was to be issued as fast as the line was completed, and was to be non-taxable until a dividend was declared. Because of this, the telegraph line was built through Franklin County along the St. Louis and Jefferson City road the following season. However, few poles were used as the wire was fastened on the trees, which were plentiful along the entire road in those days. This line was used regularly until after the Missouri Pacific Railroad was completed through the state.". (from the website: Historical Assessment of Franklin County - now defunct, but archived)
Urls : http://www.civilwarsignals.org/pages/tele/shaffner/sch.html (last visited ) http://atlantic-cable.com/Shaffner/history.htm (last visited )

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