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1848 __ The first marriage performed via telegraph
Comment : The first marriage is performed via telegraph, for a bride in Boston and groom in New York. The transaction, like other business contracts conducted through the wire, is legally binding. (David Miller)(See also: New York Times, May 6, 1874, Wednesday).Another occurrence : “Telegramic Wedding.The first marriage by telegraph occurred a few days ago between a couple, one-half of whom was a soldier on duty near Washington, and the other moiety a young lady in a village on the Oswego railroad. Is not this a dangerous precedent ? If the “old folks” object, the telegraph can unite the parties at any distance. The “constitutionnality” of this proceeding ought to be tested.”. (In “Herald of Health”, New York, March 1863)
Source : Miller, David (2000),“Din Timelines”, electronic publication, 1998-2004.
Source : “The Herald of Health”, Vol. I, n° III, New York, March 1863, Ed. M.L. Holbrook, p. 136.
Urls : http://query.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res=9B04E1D7153EEF33A25755C0A9639C946590D7CF (last visited )

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