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1837 __ Telegraph with sound signals
Sibrandus Stratingh (1801-1870)
Comment : In 1837, Professor Stratingh, of Groninque, Holland, devised a telegraph in which the signals were made by electro-magnets actuating the hammers of two gongs or bells of different tone; and M. Amyot invented an automatic sending key in the nature of a musical box. (John Munro)
French comment : Mr. Stratingh a publié, dans un journal anglais, la description d'un télégraphe électro-magnétique à cloches : "Iets over eenen Elektromagnetischen Kilokke-Telegraaf", door S. Stratingh, Ez ; Tijdschrift ter bevordering van Nijverheid. (In "Archives de l'électricité", par Mr. A. de la Rive, Volume 3, 1843, Genève : B. Glaser, Paris : Anselin, p. 471)
Source : Munro, John (1891), “Heroes of the Telegraph”, Published by BiblioBazaar, 2008, Chapter 1, p. 19, and Published by Icon Group International Inc (Webster’s French Thesaurus Edition), p. 10.
Urls : http://www.worldwideschool.org/library/books/tech/engineering/HeroesoftheTelegraph/chap1.html (last visited )

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