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1834 __ Acoustic telephone at the theatre of Florence
Antonio Meucci (1808-1889)
Comment : In 1834 Meucci constructed a kind of acoustic telephone as a way to communicate between the stage and control room (to the maneuver trellis-work, at about eighteen meters height) at the theatre "Teatro della Pergola" in Florence. This telephone is constructed on the model of pipe-telephones on ships and is still working.Antonio Meucci went to work as an assistant to the head of the stage crew at the Teatro della Pergola: while he was there he designed and built an acoustic tube, making it possible to communicate between stage level and high up in the flies. The tube is still in use at the Pergola today. Florence’s historic theatre is also where Meucci met the woman of his life, Ester Mochi, who worked in the costume department. She followed Meucci when he was forced to flee from Italy for pro-unity conspiratorial activities in 1835. The couple embarked on the brig Coccodrillo on 5 October and arrived in Havana, Cuba, two months later. They were never to return to Italy. (Compiled from various sources)
French comment : Le Teatro della Pergola est un opéra du XVIIe siècle situé à Florence dans la rue dont il a pris le nom. C'est l'un des plus anciens et des plus riches d'histoire de toute l'Italie. En 1834, Antonio Meucci installe dans le théâtre le premier téléphone de l'histoire, pour communiquer entre les différents services de l'établissement. (Compiled from various sources)
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