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1813 __ « Celerity of the Correspondence »
Colles (?-?)
Original excerpt : « As it has been found by experiment that 84 letters can be exhibited by this machine in five minutes, of 300 seconds, to the distance of one telegraphic station (averaged at ten miles), it follows that each letter can be exhibited at that distance in 3,57 seconds, and to a hundred miles in 35,7 seconds;.and by the same proportion, from Passamaquoddy to New-Orleans, a distance of 2600 miles, in 928,2 seconds, or 15 minutes, 28 seconds; and a communication of the length of the Lord's Prayer, in 36 minutes, 13 seconds.but say one hour. Will not this be rapid enough ?. »
Source : Harlow, Alvin F. (1936), "Old Wires and New Waves- The History of the Telegraph, Telephone and Wireless", READ BOOKS, 2008, pp. 28-29.

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