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1806 __ « From Buffalo, upon Lake Erie » — Frozen words
‣ In “The Complete Poems of Sir Thomas Moore Collected by Himself with Explanatory Notes”.
Thomas Moore (1779-1852)
Original excerpt : « [...] Is this the region then, is this the clime / For soaring fancies? for those dreams sublime, / Which all their miracles of light reveal / To heads that meditate and hearts that feel? / Alas! not so--the Muse of Nature lights / Her glories round; she scales the mountain heights, / And roams the forests; every wondrous spot / Burns with her step, yet man regards it not. / She whispers round, her words are in the air, / But lost, unheard, they linger freezing there, / Without one breath of soul, divinely strong, / One ray of mind to thaw them into song. [...] »
Source : Moore, Thomas (1806), "Epistles, Odes, and Other Poems", London : James Carpenter, pp. 265-271.
Source : Moore, Thomas (1806), "To the Honourable W.R. Spencer From Buffalo, upon Lake Erie," In The Poetical Works of Thomas Moore, ed. A.D. Godley, London: Oxford University Press, 1915, p. 121.
Urls : http://infomotions.com/etexts/gutenberg/dirs/etext05/7cptm10.htm (last visited )

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