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1800 __ First telegraph patent in the U.S.
Jonathan Grout (1737-1807)
Comment : Jonathan Grout Jr., of Belchertown, Mass., takes out, October 24, the first telegraph patent in the United States. It was for a contrivance which he operated between Martha’s Vineyard and Boston, about ninety miles’ ditance, from hilltop to hilltop, and which was sighted by telescopes. (Paul Fleury Mottelay)It is pretty certain, however, that the Telegraph, invented by Jonathan Grout of Massachusetts, in 1799, and now in operation between Boston and Martha's Vineyard, is upon a plan entirely different from, and far superior to, any ever used in Europe. With this Mr. Grout has asked a question, and received an answer from a distance of 90 miles, in ten minutes. (In "Historical Grammar or a Chronological Abridgment of Universal History", Translated by Lucy Peacock, from the 7th edition of the French of [Maturin Veyssière] La Croze, Boston : Caled Bingham, 1802, p. 207)
Source : Fleury Mottelay, Paul (1922), “Bibliographical History of Electricity and Magnetism, Chronologically Arranged”, Read Books (2008), p. 337.
Source : Reid, J.D. (1887), “Telegraph in America”, p. 5.

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