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ca - 470 BC __ Light and shadows
Mo Ti (Mo Tzu) (470-391 BC)
Comment : Also known as MOZI, MOZU, MOTZE, MOTSE, MICIUS and MO TZU. No further research to date, pre-dates (5th Century B.C.) the Chinese with the documented observance of an inverted image through a pinhole onto a screen. Mohists knew and taught the linearity of light rays. They knew that light travels in straight lines as did the Greeks at or around the same time. Philosophers Mo Ti and Chuang Chou (ca 369-286 B.C.) commented on the property of shadows. Mo Ti recorded the observation of an inverted image through a pinhole and talks of the "collecting place" (aperture). He also explains why the image is inverted and uses the analogy of the oar in the rowlock. Mohists knew and taught that objects reflect light and called it "shinning forth".
Urls : http://www.precinemahistory.net/900.htm (last visited )

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