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1795 __ British optical telegraph
Lord George Murray (1761-1803)
Comment : Lord George Murray (January 30, 1761 – June 3, 1803) was an Anglican cleric best remembered for his work developing Britain's first optical telegraph, which began relaying messages from London to Deal in 1796, a few years after Claude Chappe's system began operation in France. British optical telegraph, designed by George Murray, a clergyman and amateur scientist, is built for the Admiralty. The system uses 6 wooden shutters which generated the initial set of 64 signal and control codes. The line connects London with ports of the south coast. (Tom Standage 1998:15)
Source : Standage, Tom (1998), “The Victorian Internet”, The Berkley Publishing Group, New York, p. 15.
Urls : http://people.seas.harvard.edu/~jones/cscie129/images/history/edelcrantz.html (last visited )

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