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1785 __ Proposal to connect Berlin via Leipzig, Magdeburg, Hanover to Hamburg
Johann Bergstrasser (1732-1788)
Comment : Johann Bergstrasser (1732–1788), started publishing his first works on telegraphy in 1785. He was never very specific in the type of device he had in mind, although he clearly wanted to distinguish his work from his competitors. When Bergstrasser failed to convince any wealthy noblemen, he became increasingly annoyed at those who were more successful. When, for instance, Claude Chappe had successfully obtained support for the construction of the first optical telegraph lines in France, in 1793, Bergstrasser wrote in anger: « That my proposal to connect Berlin via Leipzig, Magdeburg, Hanover to Hamburg has never been executed, like the proposal of the gentlemen Chappe to connect Paris to Lille, is not the fault of my method. ». (Gerard J. Holzmann)
Original excerpt : « I do not use speaking tubes, and even less electricity or magnets; also no wires or tubes, like Mr. Gauthen [Gauthey]. And still, part of my apparatus can be placed in a closed room, anywhere in a large palace, wherever desired; .. without it being necessary that the correspondents can see each other, or perform any of the operations themselves [...] I am completely convinced of an inexpensive construction, and of the feasibility of the scheme. Experiments cannot cost much; they can, however, only be performed in the field; such as the land of a wealthy nobleman who can spend a few thousand thaler on a useful speculation. »
Source : Holzmann, Gerard J. (1994), “Proving the Value of Formal Methods”, FORTE94, 7th Int. Conference on Formal Description Techniques, held in Bern, Switzerland, October 1994.
Urls : http://spinroot.com/gerard/pdf/forte94b.pdf (last visited )

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