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1773 __ Electric telegraph
Louis Odier (1748-1817)
Comment : Odier was a Geneva physicist, in 1773, who states in a letter to a lady, that he conceived the idea on communicating at a distance by means of electric telegraphy.
Original excerpt : « I shall amuse you, perhaps, in telling you, that I have in my head certain experiments by which to enter into conversation with the Emperor of Mogol or of China, the English, the French, or any other people of Europe in a way that, without inconveniencing yourself, you may intercommunicate all that you wish, at a distance of four or five thousands leagues in less than half an hour ! Will that suffice you for glory? There is nothing more real. Whatever be the course of those experiments, they must necessarly lead to some grand discovery; but I have not the courage to undertake them this winter. What gave me the idea was a word which I heard spoken casually the other day, at Sir John Pringle’s table, where I had the pleasure of dining with Franklin, Priestley and other great geniuses. »
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