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ca - 2555 BC __ Hall of Records — Great Sphynx of Giza
Comment : Hall of Records is a mythical library buried under the Great Sphinx of Giza, which is in the Giza pyramid complex. It is rumoured to house the knowledge of the Egyptians by papyrus scrolls, much as the Great Library of Alexandria housed Grecian knowedge. There is no evidence to indicate that the Hall actually exists. Though repeatedly denied by mainstream Egyptologists, the mythology of the Hall of Records is a popular one among those who hold alternative theories of Ancient Egypt while conducting scientific inquiry in the mysteries of that time. The sources on which this topic is based are not robust. The origins of the story about the "Hall of Records" are unknown, though the idea that there is a cavity around the sphinx dates back to Pliny the Elder. In Pliny's Natural History, he states that "[the Egyptians] are of the opinion that a King Harmais is buried inside it." The psychic Edgar Cayce had several psychic readings of the Hall of Records. He claimed that in 1998 the Hall would be discovered and opened and humanity would move into a new era of prosperity. Cayce also suggested that the opening would coincide with the Second Coming of Christ. Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval, in "Message of the Sphinx" stated that American archeologists and the Egyptian government had in the past blocked investigations around the Sphinx, including attempts to locate any underground cavities. Bauval later wrote Secret Chamber in 1999. According to Bauval's research, Egyptian Antiquities granted an American team a license to search for the Hall of Records under the Sphinx. It is known[weasel words] that there are three passages around the Sphinx, two have unknown origin. One is a small dead-end nineteenth century shaft behind the head. Also, little holes in the body of the Sphinx may be related to its construction, but this is unknown. According to some, the Hall was not the work of Ancient Egyptians at all but another society (this has ranged from advanced prehistoric societies to a superior race of intelligent beings). Accordingly, this society sealed the Hall away with scrolls of their accumulated knowledge at about 10,500 BC.the last period of time when the constellation of Leo was located between the Sphinx's paws when it rose in the night sky. Skeptics have relegated such notions to be much like the supposed inhabitants of Atlantis in Hellenic Myth. The study of and the search for the Hall may fall under the category of pseudoarchaeology if such activity does not use methodology that is part of the established scientific method; Bauval and other investigators had been especially careful to make this point, making clear distinction between precise methodologic scientific hypothesis and the rest of possible subsequent implications and speculations. Also of note, following Cayce, there are two other Halls of records rumored; one in or around Bimini, and another in the Yucatán jungle, most likely the ruins of Piedras Negras. (Compiled from Wikipedia)
French comment : Le Sphinx de Guizeh serait détenteur de l'ultime secret de la Vie, donc de la destinée humaine. Il est censé protéger sous ses pattes, une salle souterraine secrète (Hall of Records) où se trouverait stocké sous forme de disques, le grand secret de l'Humanité, « depuis la construction de la terre jusqu'en... 1998 ». Cette affirmation émane du grand médium américain Edgar Cayce qui l'a faite en 1923 et réitéré en 1933. « Cette salle se trouve là où la ligne d'ombre tombe entre les pattes du Sphinx... ».Dans leur livre « Le grand secret du signe de vie » - Editions Mézarek, Guy Gruais et Guy Claude Mouny démontrent que les Pharaons et leurs prêtres possédaient une technologie leur permettant d'enregistrer le son et l'image. Cette technologie de communication transparaît en décodant notamment certains hiéroglyphes, idéogrammes ou pictogrammes mal connus et considérés comme « magiques ». Après cette démonstration, les fresques représentant Pharaon se mettent à « parler », et la réalité des séances d'enregistrements devient d'une évidence troublante. Certes, cette technologie est probablement restée secrète au sein des Temples impénétrables où seuls les prêtres et Pharaons avaient accès. Le peuple n'en a jamais eu connaissance. Peut-être même est-elle restée au stade expérimental, comme l'électricité qu'ils n'étaient pas censés connaître non plus. Où cette technologie se trouve-t-elle à présent dissimulées ? Sous le Sphinx ? Détournée par certains archéologues ? Volée par les pilleurs de Tombe qui ont sévi pendant de nombreux siècles ?. (tyron29.kazeo.com)
Source : Hawass, Zahi, Hosni, H E Farouk & Gaballa Ali Gaballa, "The Secrets of the Sphinx". American Univ. in Cairo Press, 1998.
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