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1960 __ Acoustic locator
Jean Auscher (?-?)
Comment : This remarkable headgear was invented by Frenchman Jean Auscher as an acoustic navigation device in case of radar failure on small vessels. Shown at the 1960 Brussels Inventor's Fair, and, one suspects, nowhere else ever again. Jean Auscher was a 20th Century French artist, caricaturist and illustrator. His most characteristic work recorded the life “des Annees Folles” in Paris (1920s), including scenes in the casinos, gambling clubs and dance halls, evoking the decadence of the age. Portraits of the goatish old men and the naïve young women they preyed on, the ambiguous sexuality of the gigolos and the resigned desperation of the women they served and the mannish styles of the lesbian “petits messieurs” provide an idiosyncratic and vivid picture of the demi-monde. (Compiled from various sources)
French comment : Archéophonologue muni de son détecteur portatif d'acousmates.
Urls : http://www.dself.dsl.pipex.com/MUSEUM/COMMS/ear/ear.htm (last visited ) http://www.bankofaircraft.com/entertainment/pre-radar/ (last visited ) http://www.dself.dsl.pipex.com/ampins/failproj/failproj.htm (last visited ) http://www.existingvisual.com/author/weburbanist/page/14/ (last visited ) http://tricorder.at/?p=2284 (last visited )

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