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1951 __ The first live coast-to-coast sustaining television program
Comment : The first live coast-to-coast sustaining television program is a speech by President Truman at the opening of the Japanese Peace Conference in San Francisco. It is carried by 87 stations in 47 cities. The San Francisco-Chicago portion is considered an experimental circuit by AT&T and facilities are set up on microwave without charge. In Chicago, they are patched into existing coaxial network facilities. (September 4, 1951).Truman to Inaugurate Coast-to-Coast TV - New York, Aug. 18 - Coast-to-coast television will be inaugurated September 4 with telecasts by three networks of President Truman's address opening the Japanese peace conference in San Francisco. The American Telephone and Telegraph Company previously hat set September 30 for the cross-country TV hookup over its new $40,000 000 microwave radio relay system, which started operation for telephone service yesterday. The World Series was to have been the initial major transcontinental video presentation. A.T. and T. announced the setting of the new starting video date a few hours after the microwave system"s telephone opening. The company said the State Department requested the peace parley telecasts. Four networks - ABC, NBC, CBS and Dumont - said they would telecast the President's address at 10:30pm on September 4. The setup for the peace conference TV service will be temporary. Regular commercial TV service will start later in the month. (Reading Eagle, Aug 19, 1951)
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