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1949 __ EVP, Marcello Bacci
Comment : In 1949, Marcello Bacci of Grosseto, Italy, began experimenting in the paranormal. Soon he began recording voices using an old vacuum tube radio. A spirit team developed around his work, and they spoke to him through the radio sounds. People would visit him in his lab at home, and very often their departed loved ones would talk to them through Mr Bacci’s radio. Today, Marcello Bacci still uses the vacuum tube radio, and his spirit friends not only talk to him, but sometimes they sing to him. (Mark H. Macy, World ITC)In his experiments, Bacci tunes his radio to the short-wave band, in a frequency ranging between 7 and 9 MHz, in a zone clear from normal radio transmissions. After waiting for ten to twenty minutes the existing background noise disappears and a typical acoustic signal comes out of the loudspeaker, similar to an approaching wind vortex, repeated three or four times at short intervals. Silence then follows, at the end of which an invisible speaker starts to communicate by establishing with Bacci, or with the people attending the experiment, something like a dialogue. It is interesting to observe that usually the entities address Bacci in the third person and only rarely in the first person. The paranormal vocal utterances are not continuous but interspersed with pauses. They last for varying lengths of time from a minimum of approximately ten seconds to a maximum of three to four minutes. Sometime the contact ends with a solemn choir. Once the contact is concluded, the normal background noise returns. Each experimental session lasts about forty to sixty minutes. It is important to highlight some peculiarities that characterize the role of the radio receiver in the experiments. The first is the perfect continuity of the communicating voice [even] if the receiving frequency is continuously changed by rotating the tuning control knob during the reception of paranormal voices. The second peculiarity is found in the experiment that took place on December 5, 2004 in Bacci’s laboratory. Approximately one hour after the commencement of the voices and while they were still continuing, the radio receiver’s five valves were all removed. Despite the absence of the valves, the voices continued to speak with undiminished volume and clarity. Lastly, the phenomenon persisted intermittently for two minutes and twenty seconds after Bacci switched off the radio. (Paolo Presi, “The Instrumental Transcommunication Work Of Marcello Bacci”, 2006)
Source : Bacci, Marcello (1985), “IL MISTERO DELLE VOCI DALL'ALDILA'”, Edizioni Mediterranee,1985.
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