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1947 __ 6,000 Hear Boston Symph Test New Phono’s Fidelity
Comment : Lenox, Mass., Aug. 2.The Berkshire, a new combination radio, television and phonograph machine, was demonstrated for the first time Tuesday (29) by RCA Victor during a special concert at the Berkshire Music Festival in Tanglewood by the Boston Symphony batoned by M. Serge Koussevitzky. A switch was pulled with split-second timing, during Beethoven’s overture to “Egmont”, from the live orchestra to a recording of the work played on the instrument. The audience of 6,000 in the festival’s “Shed” was then asked, Which is which ? The presentation was broadcast from coast-to-coast and filmed for a forthcomin pic. it was designed to celebrate 37 years of Victor recording of the Boston Symphony. With the collaboration of Robert Edmund Jones, the demonstration was directed by Robert Wood, of Theater, Inc.; staged by Richard Rychtarik of the Met and written by Victor’s Harold Desfor. Gene Hamilton was the narrator. The presentation was witnessed by 100 music critics, feature writers, stage and radio stars, as well as leaders in the field of merchandising and finance from all over the country. The instrument will be on display for the rest of the festival at the Lenox Brotherhood Club, Lenox, Mass. (In The Billboard - The World’s Foremost Amusement Weekly, August 9, 1947, Vol. 59, No. 31p. 13)

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