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1946 __ Bama Athan
Comment : The first radio station in Burma started in 1946. (Sigitas Zilionis & Barry Mishkind)Radio service in Myanmar first came on air in 1936 during the British colonial era. Regular programming by Bama Athan ("Voice of Burma") began in 1946 when the British established Burma Broadcasting Service (BBS), carrying Burmese language national and foreign news and musical entertainment, knowledge reply and school lessons and English language news and music programming. After independence in 1948, it was named Myanma Athan (also meaning Voice of Burma, but with the more formal term "Myanmar").The main language used in Myanmar is Burmese (Bamar) but radio stations also broadcast in English and local languages. Because Myanmar is impoverished, isolated, and only has electrical services in approximately 10 percent of its territory, people have limited use of radios and televisions. Sources estimated that there were 3.3 million radios and 80,000 televisions in Myanmar in 2001. The Myanmar government radio station, Burma Broadcasting Service, airs broadcasts that primarily reach urban populations. The government-monitored transmissions play only approved programs, which do not include Western songs or other broadcasts considered contrary to government policies. Shortwave radios are the only means for Burmese residents to gain access to foreign news reports. Some Burmese can receive Voice of America and British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) programming. They can also secretly broadcast reports to listeners who can pick up their signal. Burma gained independence from Great Britain in 1948. (Compiled from various sources)
Urls : http://www.oldradio.com/archives/international/burma.html (last visited )

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