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1945 __ Ode à Charles Fourier
André Breton (1896-1966)
Comment : André Breton, writing his "Ode to Charles Fourier" in 1945, late in the age of radio, teased the grand harmonies of Fourier down from the stars and navigated them across the diapasonic seas of an invocatory keyboard. (Douglas Kahn)
Original excerpt 1 : « Fourier what have they done with your keyboard / That responded to everything with a chord / Setting by the movements of the stars / from the capers of the smallest boat on the sea / to the great sweep of the proudest three-master / You embraced unity you show it not as lost but as totally attainable. »
Original excerpt 2 : « Fourier qu’a-t-on fait de ton clavier / qui répondait à tout par un accord / réglant au cours des étoiles jusqu’au grand / écart du plus fier trois-mâts / depuis les entrechats de la plus / petite barque sur la mer. »
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Source : Breton, André (1945), "Ode to Charles Fourier", In "The Autobiography of Surrealism", by Marcel Jean, New York : The Viking Press, 1980, p. 404.
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Urls : http://www.charlesfourier.fr/article.php3?id_article=384 (last visited )

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