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1943 __ The City of The Sun
Ivan Ilich Leonidov (1902-1959)
Comment : Ivan Ilich Leonidov (born February 9, 1902, Tver Oblast -1959 November 6, Moscow) was a Russian constructivist architect, urban planner, painter and teacher. The advent of electrical and communications technology was accompanied by large-scale engineering and building schemes, leading many to grand, utopian project ideas. The City of the Sun, a work by Russian Constructivist architect Ivan Leonidov, was a pioneering multimedia project about self-developing cities – buildings for intellectuals made of steel and glass that were connected to each other via global information communication systems. Along with this harbinger of the Internet and satellite technologies, other of Leonidov's concepts included world-wide video broadcasting and the creation of special ‘Brain' centers – control units for entire countries. Although none of Leonidov's projects were realized during his lifetime, he was in many ways ahead of his time by 80 years. The conception of an ideal city began to emerge in Leonidov's thinking during the thirties. It took shape during the war years and took more explicit form in a series of sketches and projects of which three, the Island of Flowers, the UN complex and the Moscow World's Fair, were worked out in some detail. He was well familiar with Campanella's book of that title, and this was undoubtedly the source from which he borrowed the name as well as certain of the Italian socialist-utopian's concepts. It was not just the thinking but also some of the formal symbolism which attracted him. Not by chance does almost every drawing of the city include the sun's golden orb soaring above it. For Leonidov work on this project became not only a synthesis of the various ideas and artistic concerns of his life and career; it was also in a very real sense the embodiment of his dream of what future cities might be. Many of the drawings and paintings related to the City of the Sun are impossible to date with accuracy; he was typically reworking and reinvestigating the same favorite formal elements again and again. This work continued until the very last days of his life. Ivan Leonidov died on November 6th 1959. (Compiled from various sources)
Urls : http://www.utopia.ru/english/e_leonidov/e_index.htm (last visited ) http://asmir.theremin.ru/genz.htm (last visited )

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