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1940 __ Fantasound
Comment : The first, documented use of surround sound was in 1940, for the Disney studio's animated film Fantasia. Its multichannel audio application was called 'Fantasound', comprising three audio channels and speakers. The sound was diffused throughout the cinema, initially by an engineer using some 54 loudspeakers. The surround sound was achieved using the sum and the difference of the phase of the sound. Fantasound was an early stereophonic sound process developed by sound engineer William E. Garity and sound mixer John N.A. Hawkins for the Walt Disney studio in 1938-1940 for the motion picture Fantasia, making Fantasia the first commercial film with multichannel sound. It led to the development of what is today known as surround sound. The idea for Fantasound came from Walt Disney himself, who was displeased with the quality of conventional optical motion picture sound recording and playback systems, and from conductor Leopold Stokowski, who had participated in experimental stereophonic recordings in 1932 and a live, long-distance demonstration of multichannel sound in 1933. Fantasound : The speaker format that was very similar to the 5.1 surround format of today, with three front speaker and two surround speakers. A few years later 20 th Century Fox started using 3 front speakers and a single surround speaker much like Dolby Pro Logic. (Compiled from various sources)
Urls : http://www.widescreenmuseum.com/sound/Fantasound1.htm (last visited )

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