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1932 __ Radio Tel Aviv
Comment : The first radio station in what was then called Palestine was officially opened at Tel Aviv on April 7, 1932. Radio Tel Aviv was operated by Mendel Abramovitch under license from the British Mandatory Government. Opening speeches were by Abramovitch and Tel Aviv Mayor Meir Dizengoff. Radio Tel Aviv died in April 1935. The British-run Palestine Broadcasting Service (PBS) started in Jerusalem on December 24, 1935. "Kol Yerushalyim" (Voice of Jerusalem) operated at 668 kHz at 20 kW, for 5 hours a day -- 3 hours of "general programming" and then an hour of Jewish programming and an hour of Arabic programming. According to contemporary news reports, the emphasis was on news and features plus some music. The studios were in Jerusalem, with the transmitter in Ramallah; technical work was done by the Marconi company. In 1948, with independence, the state run broadcasting authority Kol Israel (Voice of Israel ... later renamed The Israeli Broadcasting Service) takes over the PBS facilities and staff. (Barry Mishkind, “The Broadcast Archives”, [http://www.oldradio.com/ www.oldradio.com])It was in about 1930 that radio antennas could first be seen on homes in Palestine and sets went on sale in city stores. At first the only stations to be heard were distant ones, by short-wave from Europe such as Radio Paris and BBC Empire Service, and medium wave from Cairo. Then in 1932 with 675 licensed sets local radio came to the country. 1932 April 7. - At the Levant Fair in Tel Aviv the very first radio station goes on-air operated by Mendel Abramovitch under a special license from the British Mandatory Government. It went on air with a speech by Abramovitch and remarks from Tel Aviv Mayor Meir Dizengoff including an expression of hope that the station would be expanded to reach a worldwide Jewish audience. The station that came to be known as 'Radio Tel Aviv' broadcasts for several periods and finally closes in April 1935. 1936 March 30. - The Palestine Broadcasting Service (PBS) is inaugurated by British Mandatory Authority from Ramallah with studios and one transmitter on 668 kc/s (kHz) 449 meters with a power of 20 kW. Staff are recruited for daily broadcasts in English, Arabic and Hebrew and training given by the BBC. The station is born at a time of great tension between Arabs and Jews that within weeks erupts into violence. The Hebrew name of the station is eventually agreed to be 'Kol Yerushalyim' (The Voice of Jerusalem) after argument rages with Arab leaders when the Jews originally want to call it 'Kol Eretz Israel' (The Voice of the Land of Israel). 1938 - Publication of new magazine Radio News in Hebrew and English to regularly list the various programs receivable in Palestine. Senior PBS employee tells Radio News that he would like to start a television service in Palestine. The first clandestine radio station opens which is operated by an underground Jewish group. Each of the main groups eventually operate stations but most activity is after the Second World War. 1939 July. - Opening of New Broadcasting Building in Jerusalem for the Palestine Broadcasting Service at Queen Melisande's Street (now known as Queen Helene Street) and this is still the home of Kol Israel. (Israel Radio International)
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