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1931 __ Nivotone
Nikolai Voinov (1900-1958)
Comment : Nikolai Voinov invents the "Nivotone" in the Soviet Union. This instrument optically read strips of paper hand-cut by Voinov as sound information. (Compiled from various sources, and quoted by Derek Holzer)Nikolai Voinov (who also began his experiments with Avraamov), created a device which traced a unique kind of ‘paper combs’, which served as standard templates for fragments of future phonograms. His method was based on the traditional technique of paper cut-out animation. This was a practical method, which reduced to a minimum the rich set of possibilities represented by ‘drawn sound’. In the credits of the film Thief (Vor, 1934), Voinov’s method is even credited as ‘paper sound’, though obviously this type of templates could have been made of any number of other materials. Voinov was not inclined to theorize and left no publications, in contrast to the other inventors. But his four finished cinematic works with designed sound have been fully preserved. (“Designed Sound in the USSR”, By Nikolai Izvolov, KinoKultura: Issue 24, 2009)
Urls : http://www.umatic.nl/tonewheels_historical.html (last visited ) http://www.kinokultura.com/2009/24-izvolov.shtml (last visited ) http://www.3rd.moscowbiennale.ru/en/program/special_projects/generation_z.html (last visited ) http://theremin.ru/archive/nivotone.htm (last visited )

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