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1930 __ « Paysage »
Raymond Lyon (?-?)
Comment : In 1930 the French writer Raymond Lyon proposed the new genre of phonograph duet. (He recommended, for example, the unlikely combination of Schubert's "Unfinished" Symphony and the Al Johnson hit "There's a Rainbow Round My Shoulder".) Lyon moreover contemplated recording and manipulating noise. He imagined combining the revving of a car's engine, the slamming of a door, the whistling of a delivery boy, and a thousand other sounds into a recorded work called "Paysage" (Landscape). [...] Raymond Lyon, in his 1930 proposal for a work using recorded human and environmental sounds, preceded "musique concrète" by nearly twenty years. His hypothetical "Paysage" might well have sounded like the early landmark of the genre, "Symphonie pour un homme seul" (1950) by Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry, which coincidentally incorporates recordings of slamming doors and whistling, two of Lyon's suggested motifs. (Mark Katz)
French comment : Le Phonographe d’avant-garde. Ou la façon d’enfoncer des portes ouvertes; il est douteux que l’avenir souscrive à la prophétie de l’auteur: “Les phonophiles me tiendront pour un phonoaste distingué”. (In La Quinzaine Critique, Vol. 1, N°10, 25 Mars 1930, from “Lumière et Radio” 10 Février 1930)
Source : Katz, Mark (2004), "Capturing sound: how technology has changed music", Berkeley: University of California Press, pp. 99-113.
Source : Lyon, Raymond (1930), “Le Phonographe d’Avant-Garde”, In “La Joie Musicale”, N°3, 1930, p. 34.

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