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1930 __ « Cinématographe et Poésie »
Jean Cocteau (1889-1963)
Original excerpt : « The universe of sound had been enriched by that of ultrasound, which is still unknown [...]. We shall know that fish shout, that the sea is full of noises and that the void is peopled with realistic ghosts in whose eyes we are the same. »
Source : Kittler, Friedrich A. (1986), “Grammophon Film Typewriter”, Berlin: Brinkmann & Bose; and also, “Gramophone, Film, Typewriter”, translated by Geoff Winthrop-Young and Michael Wutz, Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1999.
Source : Cocteau, Jean (1930), in “The Art of Cinema”, Comp. and ed. André Bernard and Claude Gauteur, trans. Robin Buss, New York, 1992, pp. 63-64; and also, London: Marion Boyars, 1992; and also, In “Du cinématographe”, textes réujnis et présentés par André Bernard et Claude Gauteur, Paris: Pierre Belfond, 1973.
Urls : http://www.stanford.edu/class/history34q/readings/Kittler/GramFilmTypwriter/Kittler_Gramophone.html (last visited )

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