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1928 __ Happy Station
Edward Startz (?-?)
Comment : The Happy Station Show was the world's longest-running shortwave radio programme, running from 1928 until it was cancelled in 1995. It was broadcast first by Dutch station PCJJ, and from 1946 by Radio Netherlands. Separate English and Spanish versions were broadcast, in addition to the multi-lingual version. It could be received all over the world. Popular music from Europe and various other countries was mixed with vintage recordings and multilingual chatter, switching back and forth between English, Spanish and Dutch by hosts each Sunday. It became popular since it gave listeners a chance to travel in their armchair during a period when international travel was difficult for most people. It also pioneered call-in shows, in both the English and Spanish versions, during the latter part of the 1970s. (Compiled from various sources)In March of 1927 when Philips Radio started broadcasts over station PCJJ as a way to reach the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia). Sometime in 1928 a very young Edward Startz created the Happy Station, he changed PCJJ to PCJ, which he said stood for Peace, Cheer & Joy. The show continued until the start of war. During WW2 the only shortwave done by the Dutch was via the BBC in London broadcasting back to Holland with Radio Orange. After the war around 1946 the Dutch Government founded Radio Nederland Wereldomroep and Edward Startz returned to microphone as presenter of The Happy Station Show. Edward remained with the show for 43 years, way past the legal age to retire in the Netherlands. In January 1970 Tom Meijer who was working for the Dutch section of Radio Nederland took over as host. This was a major transition. With Tom the show took on a new life and energy. The Tom Meijer era was one of fun, with Tom making you feel that the Sunday broadcasts were bringing all the listeners together for a family gathering. It truly was your Sunday family show of smiles across the miles. Tom Meijer stayed with Happy Station for 21 years until he retired. After he left the show it was first taken over by long time Radio Netherlands announcer/producer Pete Myers and then by Jonathan Groubert. The Happy Station Show was canceled in 1995.2008 -- Why return Happy Station ? The Happy Station had and still has a very loyal audience and now the time is right to return with the same message of Peace, Cheer & Joy and Smiles Across The Miles that Edward and Tom brought listeners every week. What is different? One of the major changes with the Happy Station today is it won’t be a Radio Netherlands production. Instead it will be independently produced and distributed. Radio Netherlands has given permission for the new producer and presenter to use the name Happy Station, as long as it’s made clear there is no affiliation with Radio Netherlands. The new Happy Station host will be Keith Perron a Canadian broadcaster who has been based in Asia for almost 10 years. He has worked as an announcer/producer with CKUT Montreal, Radio Canada International, and Radio Havana Cuba, CHMB Vancouver, China Radio International and has freelanced for Monitor Radio, CBC Radio and others over the last 17 years. The new Happy Station Show won’t be produced in Holland, but will be based in Taipei, Taiwan and will be distributed using many different channels and all aspects of technology, new and old to bring the show to the audience. The first will be shortwave on the frequency of 9955khz via WRMI (Radio Miami International) for listeners in North and South America. After the shows first transmission on shortwave, it will be uploaded as a podcast so fans of the show not in the target region will be able to tune in. A plan is in place to bring it on shortwave to other regions of the world; this will be announced at a later date. A facebook page has also been set up where listeners can send in pictures and recorded messages, which will be used on the show. With the revival of The Happy Station Show there will also be a Happy Station youtube channel, where listeners will be able to upload videos from where ever they are in the world. The new host of the show will also present videos and a behind the scenes look at the new show and it’s new surrounding. (Press Release February 17, 2009)Every Wednesday night [in 1936] at 2 a.m., Edward Startz installes himself in the Philips Laboratory with a quantity of gramophone records, a pile of letters received from listeners, coffee and cigarettes, and converses through his microphone, alternating with music, for at least three and sometimes four hours a night. The broadcast, heard in New York at 7 p.m. Wednesday, begins with the Wilhelmus (the national anthem), which is directly followed by a few Sousa marches. And then, scarcely is the last sound faded than we hear that well-known voice, that audible contact with the homeland: "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen ! This is the PCJ transmitter of Philips in Eindhoven. Good evening, Surinam, Curacao, Aruba and the Antilles. Good evening, Netherlanders in North, South and Central America. Here we are again !". (Quoted in “ Listening on the Short Waves, 1945 to Today” by Jerome S. Berg)
Source : Berg, Jerome S. (2008), “Listening on the Short Waves, 1945 to Today”, Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland & Co, p. 18, p. 239.
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