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1928 __ Radio station in Lahore, Pakistan
Comment : In 1928, (before Pakistan became a country on 8/14/47), a station was built in Lahore at the YMCA building. It was closed in 1934 for economic reasons. In 1936, the Marconi company set up a station at Peshawar. This and another station were given to the British government in 1939. (Barry Mishkind, “The Broadcast Archives”, [http://www.oldradio.com/ www.oldradio.com])Radio during those days was in its infancy in Europe and America. India did get some experimental radio in the four metros of Calcutta, Bombay, Madras and New Delhi in 1927. Lahore had a brief stint with amateur radio in 1928. But organized broadcasting came to Punjab in 1936 in the public sector. The newly constructed studio complex opened in Lahore in 1937. (Harjap Singh Aujla, “Rafi, the prolific singer and that nondescript village”, Academy of the Punjap in North America, South Asia Post; August 31, 2009)In 1928, a small and weak radio transmitter was installed in Y.M.C.A. building Lahore. Its transmission range was less than eight miles. It was closed down in 1934 due to some economic reasons. In 1937, a small radio station was installed with the collaboration of Marconi Company. Later on, another station was set up in 1939. These stations were regional and transmitted medium waves. In Peshawar, Marconi Company set up a radio station in 1936, which was handed over to the government in 1939. Its transmission power was double than that of Lahore's transmitter. Dhaka radio station started transmission on December 16, 1939. At the early stage the control of radio station (Radio Pakistan) was directly in the hands of the government. In 1972, it was handed over to Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC), a semi-government organization under the control of Government of Pakistan (Mass Communication, 1990). In 1974, radio and television network were turned into autonomous government owned corporation, (Shamsuddin, 1984). (“A Brief History of Radio Pakistan”, Higher Education Commission)
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