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1926 __ « The Step On The Stair »
Comment : Based on a story in "Radio Digest" magazine, this Old Dark House thriller is radio's first true mystery serial -- heard over WLW, Cincinnati in a series of weekly installments adapted for radio by program director Fred Smith (who is better known as the creator of "The March Of Time.") Smith is one of the most important unsung pioneers of radio -- his 1923 play "When Love Wakens" may be the first American drama to be written especially for radio. Although "Step" is actually a rather crude bit of melodrama, it proves the thriller to be an ideal format for radio: so much so that the script is sold to other stations for local productions, and is still being heard as late as 1930. (Elizabeth McLeod)The most important nationally-published radio magazine of the era.was, by far, "Radio Digest," which began as a weekly newsprint tabloid in 1922. At first the Digest dealt with mostly technical subjects, but by the end of 1923 it featured detailed weekly program listings for major stations, organized by time zone. The publication switched to semimonthly format in 1925, and began featuring two-color art covers in 1927. The content shifted more and more away from technical topics to focus on programs and personalities.and beginning in 1926, the magazine even published fiction. (Its 1926 serial "The Step on the Stair" [by Anna Katharine Green (1846-1935) ?] was adapted for radio by Fred Smith of WLW, Cincinnati, becoming radio's first-ever mystery serial.). (Elizabeth McLeod)
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