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1925 __ Why Summer Broadcasting is Better
Comment : “Another reason for cleaving to radio throughout the summer, the argument in this case being addressed to symphony concert listeners: A large orchestra sounds better, by direct audition, indoors than outdoors. The brilliancy of the strings is superior, and much detail is perfectly clear indoors, where it is partially lost outdoors except to those members of the audience who have seats well up front. (This is for the connoisseurs and great musical sharks; probably most listeners would not make the distinction.) But, by radio, a big outdoor orchestra is usually better than the same orchestra in an auditorium, owing to the relative absence of reverberation. Hence, for the best symphonic radio music, listen during the summer. You will get good stuff all year around, but the summer has, as the sporting writers say, the edge.”. (Carl Dreher, “Diagnosis of the Radio Amateur”, in Radio Broadcast, Vol.7, no. 4, August 1925, p. 503)
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