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1925 __ The Future of Radio Education
Comment : “When radio has settled down to a constructive basis, instead of being, as now, chiefly a medium for light entertainment, educational courses will take on a more important aspect. No doubt, broadcast directors would hesitate to put on musical lecture that lasted more than an hour. They would see, in their imagination, thousands of impatient listeners, tuning-out to a more congenial attraction. Yet, they might use their imagination to realize that those who interest themselves in these education courses would be more numerous if they thought that the paying of a fee of one dollar, for example, for literature and examination papers would include an hour’s instruction weekly. Perhaps, in time, we shall have certain broadcasting stations given over wholly to educational programs. If this day comes - and such a thing is not unlikely - a course in musical appreciation, in literature, or any of the other educational subjects now put on the air will be more thorough than is at present possible.”. (Jennie Irene Mix, in “The Listener’s Point of View”, Radio Broadcast, February 1925, reprint in Radio Broadcast, Vol.7, no. 4, August 1925, p. 478)
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