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1925 __ Home Radio Movies
Charles Francis Jenkins (1867-1934)
Comment : In 1925 C.Francis Jenkins wrote an article about "the next development" after the introduction of Radio.
Original excerpt : « Radio Movies for home entertainment is the next development in which the radio industry should be interested. This means exactly what it sounds like, i.e., the broadcasting of pictures from motion picture film direct, to be reproduced on a small screen in the home, carried there by radio. Radio Movies are distined to bring entertainment of the most enjoyable character to the greater home audience of good-picture lovers. While the Radio Movie receiving sets are not yet available for public distribution, they soon will be, for Radio Movies are a daily laboratory demonstration, and refinement is all that remains to be done before merchandising plans can be put into motion. Perhaps it may be explained that the same radio picture set in the home can receive Radio Vision pictures, from studio subjects or out-of-door scenes, just as readily as Radio Movies, i.e., pictures from film. Radio Vision was publicly demonstrated when on june 13, 1925, Secretary Wilbur, and others of the U.S. Navy; Acting Secretary Judge Davis of the Department of Commerce, and friends; and Director Dr. Burgess of the Bureau of Standards, saw in my laboratory in Washington what was then happening at the Anacostia Naval Air Station several miles away. Probably the first broadcasting will be a mixed program from both film (canned pictures) and living actors, just as the first audible radio was from "canned music" as well as from living performers direct. So it will not be very long now before one may see on a small white screen in ones home notable current events, like inauguralceremonies, ball games, pageants, as well as pantomime performance broadcast from motion picture film.Washington, December 1925. »
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