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1925 __ Acoustical film
Comment : During this period Radio Berlin's director Alfred Braun was seeking a filmic visual montage approach to sound. (Tim Crook)« Acoustical film was the term we used in Berlin [...] for a radio play that through its dream-like, quickly moving sequence of images gliding, jumping, overlapping each other, alternating close-ups and distance shots blending in and out deliberately transferred the techniques of moving pictures to the radio. ». (Klaus Schöning)
Source : Crook, Tim (1999), “Radio Drama : Theory and Practice”, Routledge, p. 35.
Source : Madsen, Virginia (2005), “Radio and the Documentary Imagination: Thirty Years of Experiment, Innovation, and Revelation”, In: Radio in the World: Papers from the 2005 Melbourne Radio Conference; pages: 386-396. Healy, Sianan (Editor); Berryman, Bruce (Editor); Goodman, David (Editor). Melbourne: RMIT Publishing, 2005.

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