Locus Sonus

Residents 2021

Locus Sonus, in collaboration with IREMAM, has selected three artist-researchers to reside in Aix-en-Provence for a period of three months between January and May 2021. The three laureates, Ludovic Landolt, Kathryn Marshall and George Rahi, will develop an artistic and/or research project in resonance with the themes explored by Locus Sonus, notably around space and limits.

Born in 1993, Ludovic Landolt is a Franco-Swiss artist working between Metz and Paris. He has exhibited at Point Commun (Annecy), KOMMET (Lyon), in.plano (Paris), and has presented his work at the art center le BBB (Toulouse), at the Palais de Tokyo and at Ircam (Centre Pompidou). A self-taught instrumentalist, his visual and sound work invokes a contemplative and poetic vision borrowed from vernacular cultures and literature. He conceives works that are activated during performances or happenings, involving experimental protocols.

Kathryn Marshall is an artist, performer and choreographer based in Paris. Through her performances that play with language and perception, she questions the boundaries between art and education, dance and theater, and science and spirituality. She uses the form of performance as a springboard to vocalize her deep concerns for the health of our planet in parallel with the health of our bodies. Under a contemporary and ironic gaze, she criticizes things that oppress the body at the same time as she proposes an art that heals. During her residency at Locus Sonus, she will conduct a research project that uses meditation and hypnosis techniques to create a series of sound performances/experiences that reach the subconscious in the listener and not only dissolve the limits of their body and the space in which they find themselves, but also empower them to confront the climate crisis on an individual scale. With aplomb, humor, and turns of phrase, she draws attention to what society sees as disparate but which biology asserts as connected, while hoping to find a balance between the visible and the invisible, the external and the internal, the micro and the macro. She is a graduate of the Cooper Union in New York City (BFA with honors) as well as the École Nationale Supérieure d'Art de Paris-Cergy (DNA with honors / DNSEP with honors). She has performed at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, FRAC-Méca the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bordeaux, The Invisible Dog in New York, the Palácio da Bolsa in Porto, the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, the Panacée Centre d'Art Contemporain in Montpellier, and elsewhere in France and abroad.

George Rahi is a composer and sound artist based in Vancouver, unceded Coast Salish territories, Canada. He uses self-created and altered instruments as a method of exploring the intersections between acoustic and digital technologies, modes of listening, and spatial and architectural thinking. His work includes installations, instrument-making, compositions for pipe organ, solo & ensemble performance, and works for radio, theatre and public spaces. He holds an MFA from Simon Fraser University and is the recipient of the 2018 R. Murray Schafer Soundscape award. Recent presentations have included Artificial Sonification (Matera), SPEKTRUM (Berlin), Kunst-Station Sankt Peter (Cologne), Fusebox Festival (Austin), Vancouver New Music, and Regenerative Feedback Festival (Rotterdam), and EMS (Stockholm).

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