Locus Sonus Vitae


4 — 5 May 2024

The 11th edition of the Reveil broadcast will take place on Dawn Chorus Day, over the first weekend in May.

START 5AM UTC +1 on Saturday 4 May 2024
FINISH 6AM UTC +1 on Sunday 5 May 2024

Reveil is a collaborative sound and radio project that circles the Earth on live audio streams at daybreak. The last broadcast featured 145 streams from a wide range of environments and situations. We invite you to join us for the next 24+1 hour loop

Soundcamp Reveil

For the 2024 version of sound camp Locus Sonus Vitae is proposing as a home base, Niolon - a small calanque village about 10km outside of Marseille. We will set up a listening point, we will also use it as a base to deal with server administration and any querys. The calanque backs up to a protected area and there is a wide variety of garden birds in addition to the seabirds, there is also quite a lively nightlife on saturday.

For those who wish to take part - are welcome to join us in Niolon - the first train on Saturday morning leaves St Charles at 08:45 and gets in at 09:10 so if you want the whole experience together the possibilities are either, coming with private transport or, staying over friday night in Niolon. If you wish to stay please bring a sleeping bag and call me (Peter Sinclair) before Thursday. It is also possible to join us any time during the 24 hrs.

We are also proposing a second maritime action which consists of sailing from the the permanent microphone placed on the GIPREB Buoy in the Etang de Berre (a vast lagoon that marks the end of the rhone valley), The microphone is in need of repairs - so after taking care of that…

The small sailing boat Kassumy, skippered by Fabrice Galice, will make the journey from the Etang to Niolon streaming all the way using one of our mobile autonomous microphones (streambox drop) depending on the weather this will take most of saturday. We will be playing the live stream in a seperate space in Niolon and tracking the boat via GPS

On Sunday morning at sunrise, weather permitting, we will take two sailing boats to a spot on the coast (Erevine) where there are generally plenty of birds and stream our open mike dawn chorus from there.

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