Locus Sonus Locustream project

Locus Sonus Stream Project offers a worldwide network of "open mikes" that permanently stream local soundscapes to a dedicated server. The resulting live audio is used in a large variety of artistic projects. The microphones are installed and maintained by volunteer participants.

The sound map

locus sonus sound map

Available microphones can be accessed via the Locus Sonus sound map.
To participate in this project you first need to create an account.

Once your account is created you can use one of several methods to stream your open mike:

Using a Raspberry PI

Locustream RPI

To set up a permanent stream we suggest that you use our OS distribution for Raspberry Pi (mini computer costing around 30€) + a usb sound card and microphone. The PI is silent and uses minimal electricity.

Using your smartphone


To send a temporary stream you can use a smartphone or your tablet:

Once you have filled your account details you can stream and if localization is enabled on your phone, your stream will be situated on the Locus Sonus sound map.

Using Pure Data

Another option is to use this Pure Data patch on your home computer (running on Pd-extended).

  1. Install Pd-extended
  2. download this folder
  3. Unzip the file and edit the streambox_config.txt entering your login name.
  4. Open the simple-stream.pd with Pd extended. It will download details from your account and stream to the server.

simple locustream PD patch