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Projets (2009-2012)

Alejo Duque

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Bio Alejo Duque

Mémoire : ?

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TRUeQUE - TransCommRoutes for Un-Expected Queued Events

Crossing my contributions in the development of the streambox and its community what has become my favorite hobby, radio scanning the UHF-military band.

With this I will like to create a sound composed by mainly 4 elements :

  • 1-streams from the soundmap
  • 2-raw network packets passing through the adc and bouncing back alog with the packets that cache the sound.

(this means, i will like to put in parallel the sound of the open mic with the sound of it data packets passing thought the network by the use of scheduled cron jobs).

  • 3-realtime mix from online and offline recordings done with my scanner while searching for satellites
  • 4-white noise will serve as bridge to introduce some of my interest in Intrumental Trans Communication - like E.V.P (incorporating historical or hysterical sound archives :)
  • 5-drones generated by the software im helping to package and develop ( )