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Locustream Tuner (2005/2007)

One installation with which we present the streaming project,

consists of a pair of wires stretched the length of the exhibition

space with a small ball threaded on them. The position of the ball

can be altered by the public acting like a tuner, an audio promenade

where users slide their way through a series of remote audio

locations. Multiple loudspeakers enable us to spatialize the sound of

the streams creating so that each different audio stream selected on

the wire emanates from a new position in the local space.<br>

In order to make the installation function efficiently we were

obliged to incorporate a system allowing us to interrogate our server

and update the list of current streams (people go away or use their

streaming computer for a concert or a machine crashes...) we use the

list to provide visual feedback by projecting names of the places the

streams are coming from.

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