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Locustream Notes

This is an issue we're oftenly questioning within the Locus Sonus lab : the tension between privacy and public space. The Locustream project is certainly a spot of such a stake that Locustream microphones' captures must have to deal with. To place a microphone on a site plays with a kind of "intrusion". This also refers to the use of webcams, from surveyance and monitoring, to, what I've pointed out since few years ago, "video shots" very close to some cinematographic shots (I'm working on this topic with my project nocinema, ). With the open microphones, it's very interesting to approach same questions, for instance to think of the difference between "spy" microphone and soundscape selection & capture. Certainly the way to involve the cinematographic question with webcams, could be similar to the way to consider open microphones with "radiophonic/phonographic" aspects. It's a litlle bit difficult, but this requests a viewpoint shift.