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CARTOGRAFIES DEL NO-LLOC (Cartographies of non-place)

Laura Plana Gracia

Centre d'art Rocambert


29 0ct. 2009, 7 pm

Presentation of the project Locus Sonus Audio Streaming Project Map

by Laura Plana Gracia

Cartographies of non place is an exhibition showing spanish and international artist. It pursues to be an exhibition about art and technology and his willing is to represent the critical role of new media in the actual society. The exhibition analyzes the contemporary landscapes as a discipline in digital art and how the analyzes of the place and the social relations are represented. All the works belongs to the category of mediascapes trying to develop the knowledge of the space in the most beauty manner.

The exhibition is based on the lecture of the short essay Rhizome, from the authors Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, where they interpret actual society under the principles of connectivity, flux, not significant rupture and cartography. It is a heterogenic society and it is built through underground ramifications, drain lines, trajectories and vectors.

The exhibition consisting on art and technology can not elude to show net-art works. As well, it can be seen an installations, drawings, illustration and video-art.

This project has been developed during 2009 and under the International Program of Permanent Learning from the European Commission and the General Direction of Education and Culture with a Grant for Development and Research.

This project is supported by TinTarts. Tint is an artist run initiative, providing a platform for open discourse, experimentation and display of digital/analog hybrid art forms. Connecting artists, collaborative groups, curators, researchers and organizations in the creation of new forms of contemporary art.

''(Catalan version)

Cartografies del no-lloc presenta una selecció d’artistes catalans i internacionals. És una exposició d’art i noves tecnologies, que demostra el valor de crítica que aquestes tecnologies tenen en la societat actual.

El no-lloc és un concepte que serveix per definir aquells espais de consum i circulació. És a dir, zones neutres que funcionen com a llocs de trànsit i espais per a l’anonimat. Com també ho és Internet, un no-loc virtual. És un espai pensat amb una finalitat de comunicació, consum i circulació, com també ho són els aeroports, autopistes, caixers automàtics, hipermercats, clubs de vacances, andanes de metro.

Connexió, flux, pluralitat i cartografia són conceptes que podrien definir la societat contemporània. En aquesta línia, la cartografia emergeix com una eina de representació, tant en el medi digital com en les seves aplicacions en el medi social.''