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Anne Roquigny, Alejo Duque, KRN

International Marketplace for Digital Arts - Europe (IMDA) - Edition #1

Brussels, 27-28 November 2009

Lecture : 29 Nov 2009, 5:30pm

Cimatics is hosting the first edition of the International Marketplace for Digital Arts - Europe (IMDA). IMDA was initially launched in 2007 within the Elektra festival in Montreal, Canada. The International Marketplace for Digital Arts is a meeting for professional networking among those active in the field of production, creation and diffusion of digital arts.

Dedicated to the presentations of festivals, art galleries, labs, artists, cultural entrepreneurs and a range of organizations and cultural institutions that operate on an international level, the IMDA offers to its participants the occasion to attend presentations of various high profile socio-cultural projects, opening a window over the huge contemporary panorama that rotates around the art and digital culture's world.

The value of the IMDA resides in the ability of gathering the creative minds in an informal atmosphere, which not only allows the exchange of ideas and projects, but also creates the basis for the emergence of new collaborations and cultural exchange, also made possible by the international nature of the event.

Placed in the contemporary artistic scenario in which market rules often and sadly prevail to the detriment of socio-cultural aspects, the IMDA represents a unique occasion not only to stay updated on the latest news, thanks to the presentations and the promotional material offered to participants, but also the way to contribute to the development and diffusion of a collaborative and open culture, which can give birth to the emergence of a real community that may enhance the progress of digital culture that today is getting lost in the maze of a context more and more ruled by the market.

IMDA Europe is organized by Cimatics in collaboration with Elektra. With the support of Délégation du Québec, Institut de la Francophonie numérique (IFN),

Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), Communauté française de Belgique – Art Numérique.