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symposium #6

Sonification (what, where, how, why)
LOCUS SONUS audio in art

from the 4th to the 5th of March 2010
École Supérieure d'Art d'Aix en Provence
MMSH - Maison Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l'Homme

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AI&S publishing : Sonification (what, where, how, why) (2012)
AI & Society Special issue (Springer), nr. 27:2, May 2012. Proceedings of the Locus Sonus Symposium #6 (2010). In collaboration with LAMES (Sociology lab), and CRiSAP Univ. of the Arts London.
Guest Editor : Peter Sinclair / Locus Sonus
Peter Sinclair - Sonification: what where how why artistic practice relating sonification to environments - (75Ko)
Jérôme Joy - What NMSAT says about sonification (published version) - (219Ko)
Jérôme Joy - What NMSAT says about sonification (full version) - (729Ko)

Online access to the AI&S Sonification issue - (web page : )


Symposium Sonification (what, where, how, why)
The purpose of this symposium is to conduct a state of the art review of the use sonification* within art projects, with a focus on the use of data taken from our surroundings (in a broad sense) as opposed to gestural interfaces or electronic instruments.
a) What distinguishes sonification from other forms of data mediation ?

b) What are the different ways in which sonification is used in art ?

c) What parallels, similarities, differences & contradictions exist between the use of sonification or audio display for technical & for artistic purposes ?

d) What differences in the artistic approach does the use of realtime as opposed to recorded data imply ?

e) What is the importance of the relationship between the source of data and the way in which it is mediated ?
During the symposium organised by Locus Sonus "Sonification (What Where How Why)" we conducted the following interviews with the participants having an artistic practice incorporating sonification.
The interviews :

* “Sonification is the use of non-speech audio to convey information data to sound”. G. Kramer, B. Walker, T. Bonebright, P. Cook, J. Flowers, N. Miner, and J. Neuhoff, “Sonification report: Status of the field and research agenda,” Tech. Rep., International Community for Auditory Display, 1999,


The symposium SONIFICATION will be organized as a series of 4 half day round table debates + 1 evening sessions where participants are invited to propose demonstrations, performances or documentation of work related to the theme. The Symposium is organized by Locus Sonus (École Supérieure d'Art d'Aix en Provence, École Nationale Supérieure d'Art de Nice Villa Arson) and LAMES MMSH (Laboratoire Méditerranéen de Sociologie) in partnership with CRiSAP (Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice, LCC Univ. of the Arts London), IMERA (Institut Méditerranéen de Recherches Avancées) & Seconde Nature.
Observers : Jean-Paul Ponthot (ESA Aix en Provence), Cathy Lane (CRiSAP UAL London).

The schedule is as follows:
  • On Thursday the 4th, two round table sessions of half a day will be held at LAMES MMSH
  • On Thursday evening, Second Nature is set aside for demos and performances at Seconde Nature.
  • On Friday the 5th, two other round table sessions of half a day will be held in the amphitheater at l'Ecole Superieure d'Art d'Aix en Provence.

4th to 5th March 2010

  THURSDAY 4 MARCH LAMES MMSH (Maison Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l'Homme, salle Paul Bert Février)   access map
9:00am Jérôme Joy
(Locus Sonus)
What NMSAT* says about sonification biography Joy
9:30am Roundtable 1 :

moderator: Roger Malina

Proposed panel :

Peter Gena

Marty Quinn

Victoria Vesna

There is more space beneath: nano, micro data

Sonification of DNA

MoveMusic : The Perception of Art, Dance, and Science Through Image and Movement Sonification

Sound, Science and Consciousness

biography Malina
biography Gena
biography Quinn
biography Vesna
12:00am Break for lunch      
2:00pm Roundtable 2 :

moderator: Peter Sinclair

Proposed panel :

Jean Cristofol

Stuart Jones

Atau Tanaka

Humans, habitat and sonification


People and Data, space to sound : representation, perception and performativity

Views Into Acts of Sonification

biography Sinclair
biography Cristofol
biography Jones
biography Tanaka
    (Seconde Nature, Aix en Provence downtown)    
6:00pm to 10:00pm Audition & Performances

  •  (DJ) Jean-Paul Ponthot (séance d'écoute)   
  •   Jens Brand (G-Turns)   
  •   John Eacott (Hour Angle)   
  •   Peter Gena (DNA performance)   
  •   Scott Gresham-Lancaster (McCall.DEM)   
  •   Marty Quinn (video)   
  •   Victoria Vesna (video-sound work)   
  •   Valentina Vuksic (Tripping Through Runtime)   
  •   Florian Grond ...   
  •   Peter Sinclair (RoadMusic)   
  •   Extraits des performances ...      •  
     * Networked Music & SoundArt Timeline - A panoramic view of practices & technics related to sound transmission and distance, edited by Jérôme Joy,    
  FRIDAY 5 MARCH École Supérieure d'Art d'Aix (amphi)   access map
9:30am Roundtable 3 :

moderator: Samuel Bordreuil

Proposed panel :

Alejo Duque

Scott Fitzgerald

Florian Grond

Peter Sinclair

Valentina Vuksic

Sonification and artifacts

Unwary Instruments


Historic music/technological perspective

RoadMusic - AutoSync

Tripping Through Runtime

biography Bordreuil
biography Duque
biography Fitzgerald
biography Sinclair
biography Vuksic
12:00am Break for lunch      
2:00pm Roundtable 4 :

moderator: Angus Carlyle

Proposed panel :

Jens Brand

John Eacott

Scot Gresham-Lancaster

Lorella Abenavoli

Transforming Geography


Flood Tide & Hour Angle : environmental sonifications

Remapping: Interest and Abstraction in converting "hard" data for artistic sonic uses

La sonification dans les arts visuels et médiatiques : une remédiation de l'empreinte (Sonification in digital arts : impressions' remediation)

biography Carlyle
biography Brand
biography Eacott
biography Gresham-Lancaster
biography Abenavoli
5:00pm (end of the symposium)      
    The symposium is semi-public. Thanks to subscribe and to send a message to d'Anne Roquigny

Video and audio documentations: Solange Grenna et Fabien Artal. English and French translations : Céline Artal.

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Jérôme Joy: joy (at)

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